365 Tokyo

More than just a bar, 365 Tokyo is an experience. Inspired by the exquisite service and customs of Japan, this intimate, members-only cocktail club offers traditional Asian service with a twist of modern day mixology magic. From its “secret” location – an elegant glass box suspended above Fremont Street–to its meticulous, yet innovative menu, 365 Tokyo is every inch as enthralling as its namesake city. Enter and be transported, as our internationally recognized bar staff crafts cocktails to your taste, complete with the city’s only artisanal ice service, offering everything from expertly-carved Whiskey orbs to custom-cracked, crushed or cubed crystals to complement the beverage of your choice.

365 Tokyo is open exclusively to Inspire Members. Reservations required.

Address: 107 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Phone: 702.910.2392

Capacity: 10 people ( 260 sq ft )

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